Bonnaroo is an annual music festival, which is held at the Great Stage Park in Manchester, Tennessee. Right now it is a four day event with multiple live music stages and a variety of music styles including jazz, rock, folk, reggae, hip-hop, country, electronic and dance music. It is fascinating, but the festival originally was focused on jam bands and only the last couple of years expanded its horizons to such a variety.The word Bonnaroo actually means “a really good time” and, of course, such a name for the festival was chosen deliberately. The first Bonnaroo festival took place in 2002 and, without advertising, was sold out in two weeks. 

Since its appearance, the festival was striving for sustainability and put a lot of effort, time and resources to become the leader of green practices amongst festivals in the United States. Bonnaroo is open for partnership to make a change. Despite this, Bonnaroo does not forget firstly to ensure that the audience is coming to the festival in order to have a good time.The 9th Bonnaroo festival was an absolute success, more than a hundred performances with an audience of an estimated 75,000 people. There are too many names to talk about but it is important to mention at least some of them. 

Firstly, Tori Amos performed, while sitting behind a piano. Her distinctive voice and songwriting abilities make you think, as always, about her endless talent and exceptional popularity. That was, unfortunately, her only concert scheduled in 2010 in the United States and a lot of her fans had to get all the way to Manchester, Tennessee to be able to listen to her live. The crowd was highly pleased with her selection of music which included “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Leather” as well as with her signature elegance and smooth but aggressive voice.

Another beautiful and talented lady performed at Bonnaroo. This was Norah Jones, whose blues and jazz compositions are being listened to all over the world. Of course, she sang her signature “Don’t Know Why” which made her famous. As well as Tori Amos, she sat at a piano, but also played a guitar. Wearing a beautiful grey dress and cowboy boots, she looked sexy, while her sultry and smooth singing charmed the crowd completely. 

Good solid performances at the 9th Bonarroo festival were also delivered by Kings of Leon, Stevie Wonder, Steve Martin and Weezer. Although it was Jay-Z, whose performance impressed public the most. These are some of the reactions after his performance.

“His performance was one of the most memorable at Bonnaroo for me! Jay Z is AMAZING. I’m kinda sad that Beyoncé didn't step out, but I'll never forget Jay's reaction to all of us. He is and always will be a legend in my heart!”

“My ass was on my feet for every single second of Jay-Z! I went to that show with high expectations and left more than satisfied. Everyone’s hands were up, everyone was screaming lyrics, and you could just feel the energy from the crowd flowing all the way from the back.”

“Was at this was out of control! I was all the way in the back and the energy and overall bad assness was not lost one bit...would see J again in a second...”

I do believe that the 10th Bonnaroo festival with find something to surprise us even more next year. I am looking forward to it.