Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is now the top music festival in the US. Although, in 1999, when it took place in Indio, California for the first time, nothing indicated such a magnificent and sparkling future. Furthermore, financial troubles and complaints about the heat raised the question of the necessity of Coachella. No festival took place in 2000, but the following year the festival organizers decided to give Coachella another chance, and, at the same time, moved the event from October to April to avoid the intensive heat. A couple of years later the festival began to generate greater interest. In 2003, the line-up included Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Iggy Pop and the Beastie Boys and in 2006 Madonna performed there.

If it would be possible to distinguish the style of Coachella festival, then it would be rock with some alternative and dance musicians, but still the festival attracts listeners from all over the country and as a few bands simultaneously play on different stages everyone in the end is satisfied.

2010 was one of the most successful years for Coachella festival. Not only was the performer’s list impressive (over a 100 musical acts) but also it was an attendance record (about 75,000 three day passes were sold). Even the ash cloud, which led to cancelations of the show for some European bands, could not interrupt the triumph of music. 

French megastars, Phoenix, whose light equipment was stuck in Europe due to the Icelandic volcano, performed at their best and gathered the largest crowd that day. The Phoenix frontman, Thomas Mars, commenting the absence of some of their light tech, said "So, we're just going to go simple and make it about the music". Phoenix played the better part of their Wolfgang album with “1901”, “Listomania” and “Love like a sunset”. Thankfully, the weather conditions couldn’t have been more ideal, which helped the show to be outstanding. 

Jay-Z, who also had an opportunity to share Coachella 2010, was quite emotional, constantly expressing how honoured he is to be a part of this show. Even if the crowd didn’t know his entire album, they did know his wife, Beyonce, who joined him on the stage and sang alongside “Forever Young”. Although, for those one and a half hour that the performance took place, Jay-Z was a treat to watch by himself. 

Muse, rockstars from Great Britain, were a pleasure to see. Their energetic performance made the crowd go wild. Their epic tune “Uprising” was sung by every single person in the crowd, and it was around 50,000 people! The frontman, Matt Bellamy, wore an American flag t-shirt and swung his guitar, while the listeners had the time of their lives, enjoying the spectacular rock ‘n’ roll.

Who will be joining in these inspiring examples of stunning performance next year?