There are plenty of open air music festivals in a world which gather big crowds, usually in summer, and let the crowd enjoy the variety of performances in a period of one to three days on multiple stages. There are big and famous music festivals in Europe, nevertheless, if you want to have real fun and feel the crowd, than America is your destination.

The United States has the best open air music festivals and usually the best and the most popular bands perform there. Not only the festivals are able to attract the best acts but also the amount of people visiting is incredibly high. When 70,000 people are singing the same song all together, it is worth the experience. Even more, the festival culture there is on a different level; people have got used to these types of events and find them exciting. They travel for hours and arrange transportation and accommodation far in advance, as long as they were able to purchase an entrance ticket.

If you are a music fan of any genre, it is a life-time experience to visit at least one of the top US music festivals and enjoy the overwhelming performances and be a small part of a large crowd united that day with the music.

Here is provided the information about the top US music festivals: they proved their quality and a smart organization and negotiation abilities of getting not only the average bands but the headliners. These festivals are South by Southwest, Coachella, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits Music Festival and Bonnaroo. You simply need to make a choice… or visit all of them!